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Viper Suit
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Viper Suit
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The Viper is our most versatile, do everything suit. If a flyer can only choose one suit for all their flying, the Viper is a solid, well-rounded suit. Suitable for both sky and tunnel in all flying angles. This is iFly’s instructors model of choice. Perform at your highest level when flying with a jumpsuit that fits like a second skin and gives you the power you need when you need it the most.

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Flying type

  • Belly flying, back flying, sit flying, head down, tracking and angle flying
  • Optimized for Skydiving and Tunnel flying

Suit Fit

  • Form fitting suit. 
  • Choice of tight or medium

Materials & Construction

  • Choice of 4-ply Taslan or Cordura 160, Cordura and Schoeller Windproof Spandex
  • Windproof YKK zipper on torso and inside pocket
  • Windproof spandex articulations on shoulders, elbows, back, torso side, hip flexers, above and behind knees and on crotch
  • Seat and articulated knees in Cordura
  • Double stitched seams with bonded thread
  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability

Standard Options

  • Mesh lining on torso, arms and legs
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Choice of 2 lower leg styles and fabric type
  • Choice of cordura 160, taslan or nylon on torso and arms

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Chazi R.
United States United States

My new fav!

Looks=great Fits= great Flies= stellar!!

seth s.
United States United States

Still making the best suit available.

Have put 5+ hours and 50 jumps on new suit. Consistent with my previous 3 suits from vertical, the fit is perfect, it looks awesome, and it flys GREAT! Thank you so much for your generous support and the Awesome Suit!! Will be ordering another will more drag later this month for Eloy Tunnel in the Summer.

James L.
United States United States

Awesome suit!

Loved it right away, fit was perfect, the quality exceeded expectations. I'm sold, will definitely jump Vertical suits as long as I'm in the sky.

Jeremy W.
United States United States

Nailed it!

The fit was great!

Chip K.
United States United States

Awesome suit for VFS!

I just got my viper suit and I’m impressed! The fit was exactly spot on. I doublechecked all the measurements and adjusted a couple after measuring twice. I’ve never had a suit fit so well. I ordered a couple custom mods to reduce the drag since I am floaty. I got the legs fully tapered with a zipper closure and spandex arms. It will be perfect for VFS. The finish on the suit looks amazing especially with all the embroidery. Got it in the air for one weekend so far and it flew great! I’m excited to put a high number of jumps on it. Great job Vertical!

Vertical Suits Viper Suit Review
United States United States

Custom Viper

Product is absolutely 5 stars. Suit fits perfectly and my customer experience was pleasant. My only complaint was the delay of several weeks from the projected delivery. If I ever need another suite it will be from verticle.

Lindsay F.
United States United States

Awesome suit!

I am loving my new Vertical Viper Suit. I am writing this review after 50 jumps and 5 hours of tunnel in it so I can be thorough. First off: the Vertical team is top notch with their communication and follow-through. The suit took 5 weeks to get to me from when I submitted the order. During that time I always knew exactly what stage of production it was in via their their website. Shortly after receiving my order, their astute pattern maker Bev noticed some differences in my measurements between this order and my first suit (this is my second Viper suit; my first one is still going strong after 6 years, by the way) and reached out to me right away to be sure to get it correct. When I first got the suit and tried it on, I was honestly not sure about the fit. It initially seemed a little baggy in the hip area. I’m glad I chose to fly it instead of hyper-analyze it or send it back. What seemed a little baggy while simply standing still, translated into a superior range of motion while flying, especially with my rig on. I love the way it fits and moves with my body in all the orientations I like to fly in. I can get long with no restrictions and then completely ball up and not even notice that I’m wearing a jump suit. Spandex in all the right places, and a fit that allows me to move freely. It’s perfect. Options: There are a few options to choose from, and here are the ones I chose and why. 1.) Medium fit. I wanted a little extra drag in the legs and the ability to add layers when it’s cold. 2.) The half moon collar with two snaps but no magnet. I chose the half-moon because it sits a little lower on the neck than the other options. It doesn’t feel constricting for my neck, my breathing, or mobility at all. I know most people absolutely love the magnet closure, but I am a control freak and don’t want my collar closing on me when I’m not expecting it. I have found that the snaps alone are totally secure, even after 6 years of heavy use. So this is what I chose again for my second suit. 3.) Pockets: I added the leg pocket for my phone. The pocket is low profile but huge. It fits my iPhone12 with room for more. The internal chest pocket is also very roomy and holds my ear plugs, chap stick, packing tool and extra rubber bands. Vertical is using different zippers now than with my last suit, and it took me a little bit to get used to. They are auto-locking zippers that do not require an extra snap to stay secure. These zippers offer cleaner look and feel on the suit and are totally secure. 4.) Lower sleeves: I opted for the extra fitted sleeves in spandex with zipper and I highly recommend this option!. (My last suit had hidden spandex wrist cuffs which adds some drag due to the “medium fit”) Taking docks head down is so much easier now! And the zipper makes getting in and out of the jumpsuit a breeze. 5.) Lower legs I opted for the hidden spandex ankle cuffs. I think this option just plain looks cool. But for me, they ended up catching too much air when sit flying. It’s awesome for head down flying though! I almost decided to send the suit back to Vertical and have them change it to the tight fitting spandex legs with zipper. But I did not. And I’m glad I didn’t. I was given some advice to try flying without the stirrups under my feet so they wouldn’t catch air. Wow! What a game-changer! This minor adjustment means I have less drag for sit-flying and still the same drag and range when flying on my head. It’s a win/win, and still has the same cool look I was going for in the first place with the hidden cuffs. I highly recommend flying this cut on the suit without wearing the stirrups! 6.) Embroidery I got a bunch of extra custom embroidery. The communication during this process was great to ensure it came out perfect. I opted for Navy blue thread on my black suit. It turned out darker than I imagined, but is perfectly fine. I purposefully chose a dark color to embroider on my black suit to avoid looking like a nascar driver with a million logos. Lol The embroidery work is solid and looks sharp! Over all: What a perfect all-around suit! The custom fit, plethora of options, and quality craftsmanship means I’m going to get years of jumping with this thing. I love flying in my new Vertical Viper suit.

Vertical Suits Viper Suit Review
Emily S.
United States United States

Love it!

The suit fits wonderfully and the colors are vibrant. Love this suit and the customer service that came with it

A Vertical Suits Customer
Joey B.
United States United States


This is my second Viper suit. Both have fit amazing and fly even better. Perfect suit for whatever jumps I find myself doing!

Campbell P.
United States United States

Suit is great :D Shame about the options :(

The suit is great, and the fit is spot on, which is what i'd expect given I was measured by Dusty Hanks. The extra options are disappointing, just like last time. Don't get me wrong, for any of the standard common "options" they are all well designed and well made, but every time I've asked for something non-standard on a vertical suit I've been disappointed that my instructions have not been followed, or I haven't been asked to clarify them, or the extra (alti pocket) has self destructed after less than 1 hour of tunnel. When I express this to Vlady, the response is always "you can pay to have us change it or fix it". Don't get me wrong, I'll order Vertical again in future, but won't waste my time or money with "options" - Instead I'll get a qualified local rigger or seamstress to customize the basic suit after i get it.

Andrew S.
United States United States

The Best!!

Amazing quality. Fits like a glove. Best customer service. This is my third suit and I will be back for the fourth.

Australia Australia

Best Ever

My previous static line jumps did not require a suit. So as I started skydiving I've ordered a much cheaper suit prior to this one, and the difference is night and day. You will end up wasting more money on gear if you got the bad suit and then try to order a good one, than just go straight to the best. I wish I didn't hesitate and ordered this viper suit straight away after my A license instead of spending half the money on a suit that is poor quality (that cheaper suit has OK outside material but horrible seam lines and no lining gave me quite some chafing) and then switching to this now - it's a detour you shouldn't take both financially and experience wise. The precision of the seamlines, quality of material, even the custom embroideries, are top of the line. Worth the wait and the price!

Mark G.
Australia Australia

Viper suit

Hi all, Dealing with vertical custom suits was awesome. They Al were super accommodating during the planning. The fit instructions were very detailed, and they checked up to make sure on a few of the ones that seems odd. The suit was made and delivered in 5 weeks, and if fits perfectly. This is my third suit brand, and it is by far the most superior fit and finish. Vertical are priced a little higher than most others, but you will save in the long run if you just buy one straight up. Well worth the cash!

Kate L.
United States United States

Disappointed-I’m so sad

Had to be measured three separate times before my suit would go to production and it still doesn’t fit. Quality and design is great-no complaints. Now they want me to get measured again and send it back to Canada for alterations. I wish I would have gone with a different manufacturer.

Vertical Suits Viper Suit ReviewVertical Suits Viper Suit Review
United States United States

Red Viper Suit

Thank you very much.As always i was very happy with your product and customer service

United States United States

Great Suit

Several weeks after receiving the suit I received a email asking if I received the suit and how it fit. Good follow up. I will use Vertical Suit again and would recommend this company to others.

Chazi R.
United States United States

My new baby!!

Easy ease. Appreciate Vertical Suits so much!

Vertical Suits Viper Suit Review
Robert H.
United States United States

Vertical Suits

Start to finish my experience was fantastic, my son and I both ordered custom suits and both were perfect and fly perfect!

A Vertical Suits Customer
Tamara B.
United States United States

Love my Vertical!

Vertical was incredibly helpful with my order. I'm very particular about the color of the fabrics, and Vertical did a great job sending me pictures of swatches, answering all my questions both asymmetrical coloring and embroidery. I'm so pleased with how my suit looks, how it fits and how it flies.

Vertical Suits Viper Suit Review
Tylor H.
Canada Canada

Committed to keeping you happy!

It was great that they followed up with any concerns regarding measurements and took a look at previous orders and got your feedback on how the previous suits fit.