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Type of Booties


Standard Bootie

Standard Bootie $60

Standard Vented Bootie

Vented Bootie. Add $35 to bootie price.

Competition Booties

Competition Booties

Booster Booties

Booster Booties


Type Of Collars


Flexi Collar

Flexi Collar. $25

Flexi Collar

Flexi Collar. $25

High Collar

High Collar. $20

Rigid Collar

Rigid Collar. Not recommended for tunnel flying. $15

Half Moon Collar

Half Moon Collar

Magnetic Closure

Small Flap magnetic closure. $35

Triangle Flap

Triangle Flap. Only on Rigid Collars. $15


Type Of Cuffs


Lower sleeve in Spandex

Lower sleeve in Spandex. $25

Extra tight leg fit

Extra tight leg fit for Viper Pro, Fusion and Tunnel Pro.  $42

Hidden spandex ankle cuffs

Hidden spandex ankle cuffs. $25

Regular spandex ankle cuffs

Regular spandex ankle cuffs

Hidden spandex wrist cuffs

Hidden spandex wrist cuffs. $20

Regular spandex wrist cuffs

Regular spandex wrist cuffs.


Type Of Pockets


Extra Inside Pocket

Extra Inside Pocket. $20

iPod pocket

iPod pocket. $20

Jeans Style Pocket

Jeans Style Pocket. $40

RDS Pocket

RDS Pocket. $40

Visual Alti-pocket

Visual Alti-pocket. $30

Large cargo pocket

Large cargo pocket. $45

Small Leg Pocket

Small leg pocket. $25

Hook Knife pocket

Hook Knife pocket. $15




Cordura seat

Cordura reinforcement on seat. $20

cordura knee

Cordura knee reinforcements. $20





Camera Wings. Available in 4 sizes. $85

RSL Attachment

RSL Wing Attachment. $75

Wings continuous swoop cord

Wings continuous swoop cord. $50