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Viper Elite Suit
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Viper Elite Suit
25 reviews

Meet the newest breed of advanced suits: Viper Elite.
An hybrid between the skin tight suits mixed with spandex articulations for the best comfort and mobility, along with Cordura 1000 reinforcements for extreme durability. The Viper Elite is made mainly of elastic Cordura, giving you comfort and unsurpassed power with absolutely no drag anywhere. Are you ready to experience real flying?

From $698.00 USD


Flying type

  • Dynamic flying, any advanced type of flying
  • Optimized for Tunnel flying and Sky

Suit Fit

  • Skin tight
  • Very form fitting, like a spandex suit but better looking.

Materials & Construction

  • Made with Cordura Naturalle, a Cordura and Lycra blend. This is a very powerful material blend that allows for a second-skin fit combining the power of Cordura and elasticity of Lycra.
  • Windproof locking head YKK zipper on torso, lower legs and arms.
  • No mesh lining nor inside pocket. You need to wear a skin-tight base layer under this suit for maximum comfort.
  • Optional integrated low-profile Poron pads on elbows and knees
  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability

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    Salem A.
    Qatar Qatar


    This suit is good

    Tim D.
    Canada Canada

    Viper Elite - Best of the Best

    This my second Elite and it flies like a dream. Comfortable, flexible, just like a second skin. Vertical makes an awesome suit!

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Peter W.
    Australia Australia

    Update of 2019 review

    Been flying this suit between 10 to 60 minutes almost every week for 4 years. I have had no regret over buying this suit. I feel I am almost catching up to its capabilities.

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Hayden S.
    United States United States

    Do You Have Your Exit Buddy?

    This suit really is a totally different kind of flying. You can rip it, roll it, and tear it around the sky. No longer do I have to compensate my flying for inconsistent added drag and chattered airflow. The suit moves through the sky perfectly, reacting exactly to the input that is given. Vertical also did an amazing job with the fit of the suit on round one. Could not be happier with this suit!!!

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit ReviewVertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Tim M.
    United States United States

    Best suit ive ever had!

    Everything went as smooth as it always does and the staff at Vertical Suits is on point and know what they're doing. Everyone I talked to in the process of making my suit was professional and very helpful

    James G.
    Australia Australia

    Perfect everytime

    As everyone, when the package arrived from Vertical I became super excited. putting on my suit for the first time, i knew it was going to fit perfectly and felt amazing once i had it on. Flying the suit was really great experience too.

    Sarah H.
    United States United States

    Couldn’t Have Asked For More!

    The purchasing process was great! I personally worked with Vlady, Sandra, and Bev. Vlady promptly answered all of my pre-ordering questions. Sandra worked closely with me on my custom sublimation printing and mock-ups. Bev worked closely with me on my measurements. They all communicate clearly with the customer and clearly with each other, because everything came out exactly as I had planned, and it fits great! I have flown the Viper Elite about 10 minutes in the tunnel so far, and it flies like a dream. In “graduating up” from the Viper Pro to the Viper Elite, I found a bit more stability in my head-up, vertical flight, as there is no longer drag along my calves. The suit is also quite a bit more “flexy” than my old Viper Pro, which allows for more growth in my skills set as I start to explore the world of freestyle. I’m excited to continue flying and exploring new freestyle ground in my new Viper Elite, and when I find myself ready to move up into another suit, I will definitely look to Vertical!

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Tim D.
    Canada Canada

    Viper Elite Heaven

    Vertical scores again! Ordering was easy as usual and arrived at my door ahead of schedule. Suits looks, fits and flies awesome! I remain a fully satisfied Vertical customer. Thanks very much to the Vertical Team

    davide c.
    United States United States

    Great suit! Thank you so much :-)

    Larry S.
    United States United States

    Viper Suit

    Great fitting suit

    Wiley S.
    United States United States

    The review you've been looking for.

    Here's the thing...I'm not a great flyer. This suit on the other hand...this suit? This is a great suit. Fantastic suit. Tremendous. Truly. This is such a outstanding suit that it's shown me very clearly just how 'not a great flyer' I am. I feel like other suits are normal people who are all like "wow, you're so great. That was so great" and this suit is a seasoned prostitute who doesn't have any problem telling me how bad I am at...flying. This suit? This suit is sleek, strong, not bogged down by drag. This suit is not a drag! It has no drag! You put it on and immediately feel the crushing weight of its judgement as it holds up its end of the bargain and feels your poor performance inside of it... This suit fits like a glove and reflects the impeccable craftsmanship that went into being able to highlight every single bodily imperfection resulting from the lack of craftmanship that will inevitably let the suit down. This suit will magically make a skydiver's ego shrink to that of a normal human, and will probably help you get laid because of it. THIS SUIT GETS YOU LAID. This suit can even help your social status at the DZ. Sinking out of the formation with your friends? Get friends who have a respectable fall rate. Think your friends are cool anyway? No problem! This suit has given you Christmas gift ideas...weight belts!! You COULD get them Viper Elite suits too, but you're ego isn't actually that strong to withstand everyone looking as good as you. Worried about a tight suit accentuating deficiencies? Don't worry, they built in some room for 'the boys' so no one has to know your little secret...or for comfort or whatever. In short, if your reading this review then you haven't bought this suit yet and your life isn't as good as it will be when you quit being a coward and pull out a tape measure and a credit card. (Vertical Suits paid me for this review...or they should)

    Tim G.
    Australia Australia

    First Dynamic Suit!

    Been flying the viper pro for years, half vertical and half 4 way dynamic. Dedided i needed something fast to keep up with the cool kids. From purchase to flying the suit has been a great experience. Fits perfectly, now I just need to learn how to master it:)

    Peter W.

    As good as expected

    I asked a bunch of people for their opinion on suits and different manufacturers. Everyone was happy with any of the brands they had used, but the consensus was that even though Vertical is expensive, they are very well made and last longer than any of the others. So, with this in mind I decided a Vertical suit would be for me. I found the process fairly painless, I had Emma at iFLY Perth to help get the measurements correct. I added my logo to the suit and that took a bit to get right. I should have just phoned up as the email back and forward was extensive. Mainly due to me not understanding what was possible. The end result is awesome. It fits perfectly. My flying has improved some too. Thanks Vertical.

    A Vertical Suits Customer
    Macy L.
    United States


    My suit arrived in the expected time frame and fit perfectly right out of the box. I’ve put a couple tunnel hours on it so far, and it’s already pushing my flying to a new level. Love love love my new suit!

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Maxime G.


    I will trying this weekend at skyventure

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Thomas G.
    United States

    Awesome suit, fits amazingly and flies great

    Flown my new suit for a little over half an hour in the tunnel and it flies great. I'm a relatively new flyer, with ~3 hours in the tunnel and 60ish jumps, but am super skinny (5'9" and 128lbs), so I was looking for a suit that was super low drag so I could keep up with my friends. This thing really delivered. I'm able to keep up belly flying with heavier people in the tunnel at their speeds and have noticed that I have a LOT more power and control than I did with the student suits. It took a couple sessions to get used to how much more control I had than with some of the more forgiving student suits, but I've started to really appreciate it and notice that I'm learning a lot more and am forced to be much more deliberate. Also, I'm a weirdly shaped person and this thing fits great. They caught a measurement error I made and I'm really impressed with how well it fit when it delivered. Definitely measure accurately, don't add any fudge factor, and follow their instructions and it'll come out great! I'd also recommend the knee and elbow pads, while you'll notice they're there when you put it on, I didn't notice them while I was flying until I got out after each rotation without my knees or elbows hurting from slamming the net :)

    Mike S.
    United States

    Viper Elite

    The Viper Elite is and amazing suit that meets the needs of both my instructing and flying without sacrificing anything to gain the best of both worlds.

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit ReviewVertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Shanon S.
    United States

    I Love My Suit!

    Stellar experience and a gorgeous suit. Well-crafted and well-designed. Thanks, Vertical!

    Vertical Suits Viper Elite Suit Review
    Lewis V.
    United States

    Dynamic and VFS

    Love the suit so far. It’s tight! Pretty comfortable though. Thought it was going to become a dynamic suit only but was suprised when I found I could fly VFS in it at normal speeds. I’m 6’1” and 170 so I have long limbs to help but I can fly 90% no issues. Customer service was great, suit shipped fast, and when I messed up on measuring they reached out proactively and asked me to remeasure. Very happy so far. FYI I’m not sponsored and don’t get anything for this review just trying to help a fellow jumper.

    Jean L.

    Just amazing

    Suit fits so well.more then hapoy whit it