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Men's Stock Suits

Browse our collection of stock suits. If it is listed here, it is available for purchase. If you order a stock suit and it does not fit, you can return it for refund, however you will not be refunded for shipping.

Z-Suit Jacket w/Wings | 5'11-196 lbs

Style: Z-Suit Jacket/Wings Men – New Features: Main color: black taslan, small flap w/magnetic closure, rigid collar w/royal blue pipping, mesh lining on torso, camera wings black large taslan, RSL attachment,...


Z-Suit Jacket w/Wings | 5'10-160 lbs

Style: Z-Suit Jacket/Wings Men – New Features: Main color: black taslan, high collar, mesh lining on torso, windproof zipper, 4-way spandex black on back and bottom, camera wings navy blue...


Viper Swoop Shorts | 5'10"-160 lbs

 Style: Viper Swoop Men - Like New Features: Main black taslan, navy blue windproof spandex, knees & lower front legs black taslan, seat black cordura, RDS pocket. 


Tunnel Suit | 5'5"/5'7"-140/150 lbs

 Style: Tunnel Men:  USED                Features: Rigid collar,white pipping, cordura articulated knees, hidden spandex ankle cuffs.


Viper Suit | 5'5"-5'6"-130lb

 Style: Viper Suit, Men. - USED               Features:  Main color charcoal grey, rigid collar,red pipping,small flap, cordura reinforced knees & seat, hidden spandex wrists & ankles side...


Viper Pro Suit | 5'6- 154 lbs

Style: Viper Suit Men. USED       Features: Main color red cordura, high collar, white windproof spandex, articulation cordura reinforced seat,elbows & knees, regular spandex wrist & cuffs, G-form pads on knees & elbow...


Z-Suit Jacket | 5'11- 172 lbs

Style: Z-Suit Jacket Men, Used  -- Features: Main color black taslan ,half moon collar, small flap,mesh lining torso,sleeves,back,hidden wrist cuffs, extra inside pocket.  


Phoenix Suit | 5'3 1/2" -90 lbs

Style: Phoenix Suit, New   Features: Main color black dura stretch fabric, flex collar, name on collar James


Viper Elite Suit | 5'11"-165 lb

Style: Viper Elite Suit Men --- USED  ----  Features: Main color: red cordura naturalle, high collar ,windproof spandex, poron pad elbow&knees, iFly logo's,name on chest Caleb


Viper Elite Suit | 5'8"-190 lb

Style: Viper Elite Suit Men --- USED  ----   Features: Main color: red cordura naturalle, high collar ,windproof spandex, poron pad elbow&knees, iFly logo's,name on chest Matt J


Speed Suit | 5'8 -160 lb

Style: Speed Suit Men - -Features: Black cordua naturalle, high collar, windproof zipper, zippered ankle & cuffs,poron pad on knees, Varial logo down zipper grey.


Viper Pants | 6'0-180 lbs

Style: Viper Pants, Men -NEW ---Feature: Main white taslan, windproof spandex articulation navy blue,cordura knees & seat,hidden ankle cuff spandex white,small leg pocket


Shortie Suit | 5'11-183lbs

Style: Shortie Suit Men -Like NewFeatures: Main color charcoal grey taslan w/ sliver & neon green taslan. Rigid collar,piping on collar neon green, small flap


Z-Suit | 69.68"-210 lbs

Style: Z-Suit men, Brand New  --  Features: Main color black, sleeve royal blue,rigid collar w/pipping, hidden wrist and ankle cuffs, no design on arm &leg ,reinforcement on knee&seat, extra fabric arms&legs,windproof zipper,small leg pocket....


Speed Suit | 6"0-173 lb

Style: Speed Suit - Men.Used  Features:  Main black cordura naturalle fabric, high collar with magnetic closure,  zippered writs & ankle cuffs,windproof zipper, logo in gold


Raptor Swoop | 6'6 - 210lbs

Style: Raptor Swoop, Men, New ,Features: Main color red taslan,embroidery Miles INSTRUCTOR on right leg ,windproof spandex  cordura knees & seat, iFly instructor scheme.    


Inverted Suit | 6'0 -160lb

Style: Inverted Suit, Men Features: Main color red taslan,gold rigid collar w/ black piping and triangle flap, regular spandex wrist & ankle cuffs, gold arm & leg piping, cordura reinforced seat &...


Tunnel Pro Suit | 5'6/5'7"-150lb

Style: Tunnel Pro, men. Features:  Flexi collar, magnetic closure, cordura articulated elbows & knees, hidden spandex ankle cuffs.


Viper Suit | 6'10"-184lb

Style: Viper Suit,Men. USED         Features:Main color neon turquoises & aqua blue, half moon collar,small flap,windproof spandex articulation, cordura reinforced seat & knees, hidden spandex ankle & writs cuffs....


RW Suit | 5'6/5'7-140lbs

Style: RW Loose Suit, men.Features: Black talson main fabric, high collar, booties, cordura reinforced seat & legs, lower sleeve spandex,no grippers