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VFS Pro Suit
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VFS Pro Suit

Here is our Vertical Formation Skydive rock star!
A hybrid between our popular Viper Elite and Viper Pro suits while maintaining signature spandex articulations for the best comfort and mobility. The top portion of our VFS Pro remains skin tight and made mainly of elastic Cordura, giving you comfort and unsurpassed power with absolutely no drag. The legs mirror our Viper Pro suit allowing the choice of either tight or medium fit, so you can tailor it to the exact amount of drag you need.

From $677.00 USD


Flying type

  • VFS flying
  • Optimized for Tunnel flying and Sky

Suit Fit

  • Skin tight top with drag on lower legs

Materials & Construction

  • Made with Cordura Naturalle, a Cordura and Lycra blend. This is a very powerful material blend that allows for a second-skin fit combining the power of Cordura and elasticity of Lycra.
  • Windproof locking head YKK zipper on torso and arms.
  • No mesh lining nor inside chest pocket. You need to wear a skin-tight base layer under this suit for maximum comfort.
  • Optional integrated low-profile G Form pads on elbows and knees
  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability