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Raptor Suit
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Raptor Suit

Featuring an advanced design and exceptional fit, the Raptor is a fine, well-rounded choice for any flyer who needs performance, precision, comfort, style and durability in a wide range of flight angles. You won’t believe how great it is to fly with this jumpsuit.

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Flying type

  • Belly flying, back flying, sit flying, head down, tracking and angle flying
  • Optimized for Skydiving and Tunnel flying

Suit Fit

  • Form fitting suit
  • Choice of tight or medium fit

Materials & Construction

  • 4-ply taslan, Cordura and Schoeller Windproof Spandex
  • Windproof YKK zipper on torso and inside pocket
  • Windproof spandex articulations on back, torso and arms sides, hips, elbows, above knees, behind legs and crotch
  • Knees and seat in Cordura
  • Double stitched seams with bonded thread
  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability

Standard Options

  • Mesh lining on torso, arms and legs
  • Inside chest pocket

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