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Cordura 1000

What is it?

Cordura is a heavy and very tough material most commonly associated with luggage and outdoor gear.

What is it for?

This is the thickest material used in the construction of jumpsuits and as standard is used to reinforce areas subject to the most wear and tear. Any tunnel instructor will tell you the advantage of some well placed patches on their knees, and a great many professional skydivers will offer up the same about their ass. Cordura is a very powerful material for flying and it used as such by those who really need some extra drag on their suit, but the tradeoff is comfort - Cordura is thick and warm.

Black Cordura

Brown Cordura

Charcoal Grey Cordura

Forest Green Cordura

Gold Cordura

Hot Pink Cordura

Kelly Green Cordura

Neon Orange Cordura

Neon Yellow Cordura

Navy Blue Cordura

Neon Green Cordura

Neon Turquoise Cordura

Orange Cordura

Purple Cordura

Royal Blue Cordura

Red Cordura

Red Wine Cordura

Silver Cordura

White Cordura

Yellow Cordura

Cordura 160

What is it?

Cordura 160 is a thinner, lighter version of its big brother.

What is it for?

At the same time both lighter and less porous than Taslan - while still being relatively tough for its weight, Cordura 160 is becoming regarded as one of the best material for pure body flight, especially in the controlled environment of the tunnel where daily wear is less of an issue (for those who don't spend too much time embracing the net and the walls).

Black Cordura 160

Red Cordura 160

White Cordura 160

Lycra® 4-way Spandex

Fuchsia Spandex

Baby Blue Spandex

Black Spandex

Brown Spandex

Forest Green Spandex

Gold Spandex

Navy Blue Spandex

Orange Spandex

Purple Spandex

Royal Blue Spandex

Red Spandex

Red Wine Spandex

Silver Spandex

White Spandex


What is it?

Nylon is a generic term for a large family of synthetic polymers that have a huge range of applications throughout our daily lives - first used commercially as toothbrush fibres and subsequently in many fabrics.

What is it for?

We use Nylon as a slick material in areas where speed is important and drag needs to be decreased. It is very useful for lighter people and those who need areas of their suit to operate as fast as possible - such as serious belly flyers.

Baby Blue Nylon

Gold Nylon

Black Nylon

Navy Blue Nylon

Purple Nylon

Red Nylon

Royal Blue Nylon

White Nylon


What is it?

Taslan is a woven polyester fabric that is thin and lightweight yet durable. It is also quick-drying and breathable. For many years it has been the primary choice for the construction of jumpsuits.

What is it for?

Taslan is a fine material for making suits, and many contemporary designs are constructed around its qualities. There are suits available that are made almost entirely from Taslan. As flying techniques are better understood and fabric technology advances suits are getting more and more complicated, yet this material remains an essential part of the whole picture.

Neon Turquoise Taslan

Aqua Blue Taslan

Beige Khaki Taslan

Bright Yellow Taslan

Black Taslan

Brown Taslan

Charcoal Grey Taslan

Forest Green Taslan

Gold Taslan

Hot Pink Taslan

Kelly Green Taslan

Mango Yellow Taslan

Neon Orange Taslan

Neon Yellow Taslan

Neon Green Taslan

Navy Blue Taslan

Olive Green Taslan

Orange Taslan

Purple Taslan

Royal Blue Taslan

Red Taslan

Red Wine Taslan

Silver Taslan

Teal Taslan

White Taslan

Windproof Spandex

What is it?

Spandex is celebrated for its exceptional elasticity - it is able to stretch to many times its original size and then return to its original shape. Its correct usage is a very important (and much discussed) element of suit design. We use the highest quality Schoeller wind-proof spandex throughout.

What is it for?

Spandex is used in the areas of a suit where full mobility is required, such as between the legs and under the arms. Different types of suit require mobility in different areas - articulated skydiving suits often utilise spandex in areas where one's parachute harness sits, whereas tunnel suits might have more around the elbows and knees for those elaborate moves and positions used in the tube. The compromise is power. Even wind-proof spandex of the highest quality is not as good for generating power as any of the other construction materials, and the same stretchiness that is its greatest strength is also it greatest weakness as it can shift and flap in the wind.

Baby Blue Windproof Spandex

Black Windproof Spandex

Charcoal Grey Windproof Spandex

Navy Blue Windproof Spandex

Neon Orange Windproof Spandex

Olive Green Windproof Spandex

Royal Blue Windproof Spandex

Red Windproof Spandex

White Windproof Spandex