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Speed Suit
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Speed Suit

The pursuit of bodyflight in its purest form has created demand for a new breed of suit - one that offers total flexibility while fitting as tight to your body as possible. The speed suit is for those prepared to commit 100% effort to perfecting their technique and achieve a grace in their flying to which we should all aspire.

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Flying type

  • Dynamic flying, any advanced type of flying
  • Optimized for Tunnel flying
  • Designed for advanced tunnel flyers

Suit Fit

  • Skin tight
  • Very form fitting, like a spandex suit.

Materials & Construction

  • Made with Cordura Naturalle, a Cordura and Lycra blend. This is a very powerful material blend that allows for a second-skin fit combining the power of Cordura and elasticity of Lycra.
  • Windproof YKK zipper on torso and lower leg
  • No mesh lining nor inside pocket. You need to wear a skin-tight base layer under this suit for maximum comfort.
  • Optional integrated G-Form pads on elbows and knees
  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability

Standard Options

  • Flexi collar


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