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Through many years of experience in the most trying circumstances, and a lot good old trial and error, I believe Vertical make the best suits available.

Look! A Joely

A decade ago, somewhere in amongst my first handful of skydives, I saw video footage of people who could move through the air with a kind of grace and precision that was so far beyond what I considered cool that it didn’t matter how long it took or how much effort it required - I was in. I wanted what they had. The sky belonged to them, and they to it.

A little further down the line I began to weigh up the prospect of skydiving as a career, specifically the aspect I was most interested in - freefly. Someone wise once said that if you choose a job you love you will never work another day, which is as good mantra as any for this life.

Five years of the tube, day in and day out, spent nailing to the wall the necessary skill to be considered worthy of learning from. Competition became a realistic prospect, indoors and out, national and international. One step at a time.

Now I teach, sharing the abilities I have worked hard for with others in which there is a similar desire. We represent Vertical, in the tunnel and in the sky - and at the highest level. I also write, applying the rewards of bookishness to promote our sport and those who support it in the best way I can.

Joel's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive 99 UK
Number of Jumps: 1000 Sky & 200 BASE
Hours in Tunnel: 3000+
First Jump in: 2005
Main Discipline: Freefly

Joel's Suits


Tunnel Pro SuitI love my Tunnel Pros because they are snug on my body and very clean to fly in the tunnel and the sky, they are extremely comfy and super durable. The small amount of spandex makes them fit like a glove!


Viper Swoop ShortsMy swoop shorts are great for hop'n'pops and hotter weather + they look so cool I even wear them for other sports.
When we first started out as a team, we asked Vertical for sponsorship. They were already supplying our tunnel instructor suits so we knew they were bombproof and built to a ridiculous standard of quality. Having worked in tunnel for many years I’ve seen so many suits get destroyed. I’ve still got every single vertical Suit I’ve ever had; my old instructor suits, and all my team suits, every single one is still going strong, and they’ve taken some serious punishment. Look after them properly, and they’ll last forever!

Steve Howes, founding member of Varial. Desperate to never have a real job!

I’ve been jumping for a long time, and I still love it as much now as I ever did, and I can’t believe I get to call this my job! I love doing lots of different things so I never get bored, and any sport where I get to go fast, like snowboarding, downhill MTB, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and many more, I just need a bigger shed to keep all my toys in!

Steve's Records

Home Drop Zone: Sibson & Hinton, UK
Number of Jumps: 2500
Hours in Tunnel: 3000+
First Jump in: 2002
Main Discipline: Freefly

Steve's Suits


Viper SuitIt’s the most comfortable suit in the line up so I can wear it all day long with no problems, it fly’s great in the sky and still does a really good job in the tunnel too. Bulletproof as usual, I’ve got one that’s lasted me 2 years of daily tunnel abuse and is still going strong, it must have done 500hrs+ in the tunnel and 500 jumps by now.


Tunnel Pro SuitSuper powerful for tunnel shredding, looks sick and fits great. Done!


Z Suit Hybrid I’ve got a medium fit Z-Suit Hybrid that I use mostly for AFF jumps, and sometimes in the tunnel when I’m coaching a small person. Loads of lift when I need it, and as usual it’s bombproof and will last forever.