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I’ve flown many different suits in the past, its all about preference. Vertical suits makes amazing suits for every type of person and flyer. Every competition I’ve won since I started competing in skydiving I’ve been wearing a Vertical Suit so I don’t want to change that good luck charm ;-)

Tim McMaster

I’ve travelled the world skydiving for pretty much the past 10 years, I spent about 7 of those years based out of Skydive Dubai competing in Vertical Formation Skydiving with SD Nexus becoming champions in the tunnel and the sky. My main passion in the sport is Dynamic, and Canopy Piloting, in my opinion the 2 newest and hardest disciplines in our sport right now. I’ve been competing in that for a few years and will continue to do that in hope of making it to the podium one day.

Tim's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Chicago
Number of Jumps: 13,000+
Hours in Tunnel: 5,000+
First Jump in: 2003
Main Discipline: Freefly, Canopy Piloting

Tim's Suit


Raptor Suit It fits me perfect, with spandex in all the perfect areas of the suit to make me feel the most comfortable when I’m flying in it, especially with a rig on, and its never had a blowout.


Tunnel Pro SuitLike all my Vertical suits it just fits perfect to my body, the spandex areas on it make it feel like its not constricting my movements, while giving me maximum speed and power with it.


Swoop ShortsI wear my Swoop Shorts 90% of the time I jump. I like being able to walk around the dz without having to change out and back into my jumpsuit all the time, and I like to Swoop, hard and fast, and I crash sometimes. My Vertical swoop shorts are the most durable things ever, Ive definitely put Vertical swoop shorts through the durability test in skydiving and their awesome.