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How we see Sponsorship

We have always been proud of supporting athletes in our sport, whether in skydiving or tunnel flying, or both. Yes, it is in great part because we love this sport so much, but also, since we have to run a business, we need to be looking into what is beneficial for the company. The primary aspect of sponsorships is marketing. We see sponsorship relations as a 2-way formation; each side needs to support the other.

We want to work with people who are as passionate and professional as we are. We look for people who believe in our products as much as we do, and who are proud to represent Vertical Suits everywhere they go, and in a professional and friendly manner. People who are willing and available to help potential customers make decisions in their buying process and refer them to our dealers or to us directly.

Since we started making suits, our main goal has always been to push the limits in craftsmanship and quality. We seek to use only the best material and the best technique in garment making to produce the best suits available on the market. We are looking to sponsor people who, like us, push the limits in the sport and seek only the best.

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