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Choosing Vertical Suits was an easy choice. Suits that are built to last without, sacrificing comfort.

Skydive Videographer / Tunnel Coach. Creator of Stay Awesome Productions. All around Nice Guy!

Ryan Patrick Bolohan is a expert at creating digital media content that showcases skydiving events, competitions and the companies he works with. Founder of Stay Awesome Productions in 2014. Ryan is a two time world record holder and also holds multiple state skydiving records. Ryan holds a USPA: AFF-I & Coach Rating. When not coaching in the sky he is also a tunnel coach. If you find him anywhere else besides the drop zone he is likely hanging out on the water. Lover of Dogs & animals in general.

Ryan's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive City
Number of Jumps: 2000+
Hours in Tunnel: 500+
First Jump in: 2013
Main Discipline: Freefly / Camera Flyer

Ryan's Suits


“ViperI chose this suit for the Tunnel and Skydiving. This is a well rounded everyday suit. It was an easy choice picking this suit, as it also the suit I wore as a tunnel instructor over the past couple of years. Bullet proof construction. Pair this with the flexi collar and magnetic closure and you won't be disappointed.


Fusion Suit I Chose the Fusion for tunnel flying, the suit is a tight fit with articulation points only where it is needed. This is important when the need for consistent fabrics are important for dynamic flying. The suit is extremely powerful and you can feel the wind on your body while flying.


Shortie SuitThis is my favorite suit! You could go to the beach in this suit and be comfy. I would compare it to the feel of wearing board shorts and a t-shirt, but with the power and responsiveness of what you would expect out of a full skydiving suit. Living in Florida year round makes this suit an easy choice. Especially for those hot summer days.