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I choose Vertical Suits for their quality, service, leadership, innovation and friendship.

I am Philippe and I love skydiving for what it brings me doing it and the fantastic people I get to meet all over the world.

I'm a Freefly coach and Flight-1 instructor, love to teach and pass on new flyers what I've learn in 17 years of skydiving.

I competed in VFS, Freefly Artistic and Canopy piloting, also participated in numerous Freefly and World records.

Beside Skydiving I like to Ski, Kitesurf, drive fast and try new things. In the morning I need a coffee and lobsters is my favorite meal :-)

Feel free to stop me for a chat.

Philippe's Records

Home Drop Zone: Voltige
Number of Jumps: 5600+
Hours in Tunnel: 600+
First Jump in: 1999
Main Discipline: Freefly, Canopy Piloting

Philippe's Suit


Viper Short Sleeve SuitI wear the Viper Short Sleeves for it's technicality and fit.
Shortie SuitI love my Shortie Suit for it's comfort in warm summer days.