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I am proud to be a Vertical Suits athlete, and know that I can count on their gear to help me coach, compete, train, fly and have fun when I'm in the wind. I expect my gear to help me perform to the best of my abilities, and Vertical Suits always delivers on that promise.

The Flying Mikey

I am a full time flight instructor who started at Flyaway Las Vegas in 2004, where I learned to freefly without any spotting! I enjoy competing in all tunnel and skydiving events since my first USPA Collegiate Meet in 2007 but, have been jumping since 2005, yay Skydive Mesquite. Over the years I have flow in 31 tunnels and spent a majority of my time at SkyVenture Colorado where I had the privilege to work on the SVCO Boogie Tour. I now call iFly Minneapolis my home tunnel and look forward to jumping as much as possible. I do my best to share my joy and passion for flight with others, and find my happiness in coaching people in all areas of flight. You can find me throwing flip-twists at a DZ or tunnel near you :)

Mike's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Twin Cities
Number of Jumps: 2000+
Hours in Tunnel: 10,000+
First Jump in: 2005
Main Discipline: Trickflying

Mike's Suits


“ViperI have 2! One personal and one iFly suit. My all around workhorse suit for day to day tunnel. I can fly everything with it and it still stands up to the abuse of spotting and training with new Instructors.


“Viper My favorite suit to date!!! Fly's like a dream and is durable enough for full time tunnel and sky work! Flexible enough to trickfly/freestyle with, still comfortable and it makes my calves look big.


“PhoenixTopped out freestyle and tricks! This suit is skin tight, very fast and has no drag.


Viper SuitMy VFS and MFS suit with hidden cuffs for more surface area during static flying when I need the help.