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Your suit is your most important tool for body flight in both the sky and at the tunnel. I enjoy representing Vertical Suits for their unmatched combination of quality and choice. They have a suit for every experience level, body type, and discipline combination. Nothing can test a suits durability like pushing your limits. My suits have an impressive amount of airtime as well as wall strikes and failed freestyle tricks under canopy and they hang strong


After moving to Eloy Arizona to start as a part time videographer in the Fall of 2008, I moved on to be a Tandem, AFF and wind tunnel instructor for Skydive Arizona and SkyVenture Arizona. I started my coaching/consulting company AerialAim three years ago and am excited to be a part of a collective of organizers/coaches that lead a group called The Movement. I have been able to compete and medal in many disciplines including AE Freefly, VFS, Dynamic and am currently training for MFS. My record achievements include the current Vertical World Record and Head Up Formation World Record. In my spare time I like to mountain bike, snowboard, scuba dive, and camp.

Friday's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Arizona
Number of Jumps: 6000+
Hours in Tunnel: 1000+
First Jump in: 1999
Main Discipline: Dynamic and MFSt

Friday's Suits


Tunnel Pro SuitI enjoy flying in my Tunnel Pro for its fit and the power it produces right when I want it. The combination of the slim cut of the suit combined with the materials they use make for a great flying suit when I want to fly long and fast.


Viper SuitWhen I'm in the sky and maximum range is necessary I use my Viper. It has a tight cut with loads of power in the legs to allow me to go as fast or slow as I want.