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Unbreakable Flight Weapon! Nothing flies or lasts like a Vertical Suit!

MIKE BOHN Oceanside FLO- Team Captain

I'm just another skydiver who fell in love with free fall and those who share it with me. True skills and accomplishments in all things comes from brutal persistence and believing in your goals! This is especially true for body flight. The greatest part about training to fly better is that there is no limit to your skills and, to be honest, no end to the curriculum.
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Mike's Records

Home Drop Zone: GO Jump Oceanside
Number of Jumps: 6000+
Hours in Tunnel: 2500+
First Jump in: 2002
Main Discipline: Freefly

Mike's Suit


Tunnel Pro SuitI fly the Tunnel Pro model for tunnel work. Primarily because of the even air distribution and power delivery in the tunnel. I have flown up to 400 hours on some of my Tunnel Pros before needing maintenance.


Viper SuitI use a Viper Suit for competition. It has superb flight characteristics but is also comfortable while wearing a rig. I average 700-900 jumps per season and my suits still looks new after the brutal punishment. My suit is my flight armor!