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The products and the customer service are the reasons I have been with Vertical since I began skydiving!!

Who is Kev Skyflyer?

A little about myself! I have been competing in Canopy Piloting for 3+ years, and will be competing in Open this year! I am the videographer for Skydive Orange Crush MFS and Skydive Orange Live VFS. I love all things Canopy, MFS,VFS, and tunnel! My goals are simple: Push my self to become the best I can be in all aspects of the sport that I focus on! Nothing beats getting your toes wet on the pond !! Swoops up!

Kev's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Orange
Number of Jumps: 2500+
Hours in Tunnel: 100+
First Jump in: 2011
Main Discipline: Canopy Piloting, MFS and VFS

Kev's Suit


Viper SuitI love the range of motion I get, and the way it fits. Love flying this suit for everything from the tunnel, to AFF, to using it for shooting MFS/VFS video.


Raptor Swoop Shorts I have 2 pairs....and during the summer time, I basically live in them. Super comfortable, and durable.