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I love to fly and I love to teach people how to fly! If I'm not coaching I'm usually in the mountains skiing or jumping off of something. I have spent years doing demonstration skydives into all sorts of fun events as a founding member of the GoPro Bomb Squad and Team Kavu. I have competed and won first place in BASE tracking, wingsuit BASE, BASE aerials and BASE accuracy.

Jesse's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Utah
Number of Jumps: 3500 Sky & 2200 BASE
Hours in Tunnel: 1000+
First Jump in: 2001
Main Discipline: Tunnel, Wingsuit and BASE coach

Jesse's Suit


Viper SuitThe Viper is powerful, comfortable and durable and it looks damn good too!


“Phoenix The Phoenix is the most precise and least restrictive suit I own and also happens to be the most comfortable by far!


“ViperThe Viper Pro is probably the strongest most durable suit I have, it works great across the board in every flying environment.