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Vertical Suits provides me with the most comfortable, bullet proof suits that perform at the highest level. Their ongoing commitment to provide the best suits and excellent customer service is why I choose to fly Vertical Suits.

I love living life to the fullest and flying everyday!

I started skydiving September 15, 2009 in which I worked full-time as a videographer, AFF-I, and coach at Skydive Tecumseh. In early 2014 I received a job offer from iFLY which moved me to Chicago to start my career as a tunnel instructor. I'm now currently the Lead Instructor of iFLY Chicago Rosemont. I coach full-time all disciplines with my personal main focus on dynamic flying. There's nothing I love more than flying fast and pushing this sport to new limits. If I'm not at the tunnel, I'm organizing at local Chicago area dropzones or traveling for skydiving/tunnel events. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, working out, and shooting.

IBA T4 Trainer, Level 4 Instructor, Pro Flyer Rating
USPA D31451, Coach, AFF-I, Pro (84sq/ft)
Videographer and Freefly Organizer

164-way Head Down World Record
55-way Head Up World Record
72-way Head Up World Record
Dynamic and VFS medalist

Garet's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Midwest
Number of Jumps: 2,350+
Hours in Tunnel: 2,000+
First Jump in: 2009
Main Discipline: Dynamic, VFS, Canopy Piloting

Garet's Suit


Fusion SuitI chose this suit for dynamic flying due to its powerful design, durable construction, and tight form fit for flying fast.


Viper Suit I chose this suit for its great range for multiple disciplines. This is my suit I use for skydiving and VFS. This suit has excellent articulation which gives you the best comfort when wearing a skydiving rig and transitioning in VFS.