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I’m really happy of my association with vertical suits because they have high quality products and I’m proud to be representing a Canadian company everywhere I go.


I’m 15 years old and I started flying 4 years ago. At first, I was doing 2-way fs. and since then, i fell in love with the sport I have been competing in freestyle for the last 3 years now and I will be doing my first international dynamic competition this year. I won 10 gold medals in national or international competitions and i am currently the Canadian champion in Freestyle open (2018) Im also a qualified IBA coach for all levels. I ve already done 26 tandems jumps and next summer I will be old enough to do my AFF course at Voltige, finally! I hope I will join the skydiving competitions really soon. One of my biggest dream since I was a little kid, was to be at the Olympics, I did not know in what discipline but I knew i wanted to go one day. Now that our sport might be at the Olympics of Paris 2024. I hope this dream comes true:)

Coralie's Records

Home Drop Zone: Voltige ecole de parachutisme & Skyventure Montreal
Number of Jumps: 26 Tandems
Hours in Tunnel: 250+
First Flight in: 2015
Main Discipline: Freestyle & D2W

Coralie's Suit


“PhoenixI chose this new Vertical suit for freestyle because of its flexibility, it does not restrain me in any ways so this allows me to go to my maximal capacity and not to the suit's capacity. So for someone as flexible as i am its just perfect! I also like the hood that can be remove if need be. Again, perfect for long hairs ;)


“Speed This suit is really powerful. You can feel the grip it has on the wind the first time you try it. Even if the material used is not as stretchy as the Phoenix it offers a wide range of movement nonetheless and it fits me perfectly.