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When I first started training for swooping, I realized that I needed a pair of rugged, comfortable swoop shorts to essential live in on the weekends at the DZ. I looked around and saw a few pairs of the raptor swoop shorts and bought a pair for myself. The jean style pockets and build quality made them a perfect fit for me, and I ordered a new freefly suit to match. It was a natural choice for me to want to work with Vertical and jump the best jumpsuits in the business.

Control Tower is both a scoring system and a competitive team for canopy piloting. It’s a little unusual, but it works for us.

After finishing AFF at Skydive Orange, VA in May 2010, I started jumping as much as I could. I quickly got into freeflying, accumulating tunnel time to accelerate my learning. After I received my AFF rating and senior riggers ticket, I tried my hand at working in the sport in the summer of 2012. Although I learned a career in skydiving wasn’t for me, the time made me realize I wanted to focus on my own skills. In the spring of 2013, I attended the FLCPA meet at Zhills - a trip that ignited my interest in canopy piloting. As my involvement in the sport grew, I became increasingly aware of the dearth of effective scoring software available to the community. I saw an opportunity to marry my training as a professional software engineer with the sport I loved, and, after some encouragement from Eric Florio, I built the CP scoring system that our team is known for. As a result I got to spend nine months traveling around to Dubai, Florida, North Carolina, and New Jersey to run swoop meets. This afforded me the opportunity to learn to swoop with some of the best coaches, and I have now progressed to the point where I compete in the advanced class. I look forward to earning my pro card while also providing a scoring solution for the CP community with Control Tower.

Logan's Records

Home Drop Zone: Crosskeys, NJ
Number of Jumps: 1400+
Hours in Tunnel: 20+
First Jump in: 2010
Main Discipline: Canopy Piloting and Freeflying

Logan's Suits


Viper SuitI chose the viper because I wanted a freefly suit that is versatile. The material and build quality, with details like double stitching on every panel, is unmatched. It has spandex in the right places ensuring a great fit while still offering an interior and leg pocket for extra memory cards, packing tools, or rubber bands for convenience when you're working.


Raptor Swoop ShortsI basically live in my swoop shorts on the weekends, it's not uncommon to spot me wearing them in the grocery store. As a result, I needed something that was comfortable and would stand up to all of my downwind landings. The articulated knees and jean pockets make them comfortable enough to wear all day. I have even noticed my friends and fellow competitors wondering why their swoop shorts don't have normal pockets. Since I rarely jump without a full RDS, I opted for a slightly oversized, all spandex RDS pocket that makes it quick to stash everything, but strong enough that it's secure.
Over the years I have owned and flown various jumpsuits from numerous manufacturers within the industry, however only one has thoroughly impressed me with comfort, reliability, and customer service, and that is Vertical Suits. The detail and level of tailoring that goes into every suit is precise and accurate to a magnitude that no other manufacturers can match. The suits contour to your body to provide you with the ultimate flying experience. There is no product that Vertical offers that isn’t the best in the industry. Fly the best, fly Vertical.

Control Tower is both a scoring system and a competitive team for canopy piloting. It’s a little unusual, but it works for us

After finishing AFF at Jumptown, MA in May 2010, I became part of the UMASS Sport Parachuting Club to join a community of fellow collegiate jumpers. In December of 2010, I won my first collegiate medal in RW. To continue my education in the sport I quickly started working with canopy coaches, 4-way coaches and tunnel instructors to learn everything the sport could offer. In 2011, I had the opportunity to participate in the two collegiate national records, largest head down formation and largest sequential. In the summer of 2012 I became a videographer, AFF instructor, and board of directors member for Jumptown. After several seasons of work and tunnel competitions I returned to collegiates in 2014, my senior year, and returned with two gold medals, one in 4-way and one in sport accuracy. Shortly after I found a passion in canopy piloting. As an engineer myself, I joined Logan in her effort start an advanced canopy piloting team and support the growth of the scoring system in competitive canopy piloting. Moving forward I aim to progress further and become a safe and consistent canopy pilot. I won USPA CP Nationals in the advanced division in 2015 and earned my pro card. I hope to one day represent the U.S. as part of the U.S. canopy piloting team.

Matt's Records

Home Drop Zone: Jumptown, MA
Number of Jumps: 1800+
Hours in Tunnel: 25+
First Jump in: 2010
Main Discipline: Canopy Piloting and 4-Way

Matt's Suits


Viper SuitMy viper offers everything I could ever want. The articulation of the suit gives me the mobility and freedom to fly accurately with a huge range of flying speeds. When you combine that with comfort and precise tailoring of vertical suits, you have the best suit on the market.


Raptor Swoop ShortsMy raptor swoop shorts offer everything I need from both the day-to-day skydiving needs and the rugged demand of competition. The articulation gives me comfort and flexibility like no other skydiving shorts. From wearing them at the end of your jump when packing on the mat, to sliding in a landing, to even getting wet in the swoop pond, they hold up to everything you throw at them without compromising comfort.