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Skydive Instructor, Canopy Coach and Canopy Piloting competitor representing Australia.

I've been jumping since 19 so skydiving is something I feel quite passionate about. I've travelled the World meeting new friends along way and have been lucky enough to be competing in the sport I love while doing this. Representing Australia is an honour and to have become a 3 time Australian Canopy Piloting champion as well as winning my first World title last year in the Speed event at the World Championships, is something I'm very proud of and will never forget.

Andrew's Records

Home Drop Zone: Moruya
Number of Jumps: 10900+br /> Hours in Tunnel: 4
First Jump in: 2007
Main Discipline: Canopy Piloting

Andrew's Suits


Viper SuitThe Viper suit does everything I need. I was after a suit that I could do every type of jump in - AFF, camera, freefly and even belly jumps! It does it all and with great power and comfort.


Viper Swoop ShortsWith CP, we can have some pretty rough landings so having a good pair of swoop shorts is a must. The Viper shorts are perfect for that and are still going strong after thousands of dedicated CP jumps on them! As well as this, they are the most comfortable shorts I've owned and competed in.