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I am honored to represent Vertical Suits, because they represent quality, innovation, durability and evolution in the sport! A suit is an investment, so why not choose the best there is? I choose Vertical!

Nomad flyer and yoga teacher, passionate about self evolution, smiling, food, free fall and movement

My first jump was a tandem in Helsinki, Finland, during summer 2011 - and it turned out to be love at first sight! My body, mind and soul love movement, and as a yogini and flyer, I see a lot of similarities in yoga and dynamic flying. Both are like a strong movement meditation; your body is firm but not stiff, relaxed but not jelly, your mind connects to the present moment and you automatically forget everything else to stay in balance and aware. And as a bonus your soul is nourished in freedom, empowerment and happiness!! In skydiving I aspire to develop and challenge myself, so I have competed in VFS on national level (gold with my girl-team #nicepins!), and I'm determined to be on the vertical world record 2015. I also love flying in the tunnel, and hope to compete some day - but as of now I am fairly busy on the event organizing and sport development side as I work as the PR&Community Manager for D4W, an organization that offers dynamic flying competitions globally.

Maria's Records

Home Drop Zone: Citizen of the world of drop zones!
Number of Jumps: 800+
Hours in Tunnel: 100+
First Jump in: 2011
Main Discipline: Freefly

Maria's Suits


Tunnel Pro SuitI love my Tunnel Pros because they are snug on my body and very clean to fly in the tunnel and the sky, they are extremely comfy and super durable. The small amount of spandex makes them fit like a glove!


Swoop ShortsMy swoop shorts are great for hop'n'pops and hotter weather + they look so cool I even wear them for other sports.