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How-to order a suit

Click Shop and browse to the product of your choice then click on the "Design" button. This will take you to our designer. Select your options and enter your measurements.  Once you are happy with your order, click the "Add to Cart" button. This will take you to our secure checkout page. Enter your contact and billing information. Press Submit and that's it! Your suit is on it's way :)

You must submit your order via our website. This is the only acceptable way. No exceptions. We do not accept orders described in an email or on a random sheet of papers as they are prone to confusion and increase the margin for errors on your order. Note that our production delay only starts once we have your complete order, have approved the measurements and custom embroideries if applicable. This applies to rush orders as well.

How-to save a design for later

If you created a nice design but are not quite ready to order yet, you can use the “SAVE THIS DESIGN” option, located just under the live suit drawing on the order form. You can save and also use the SHARE button to email it to you or even share it on social medias. You can save as many designs you like that way. When you are ready to order, if using the same browser, you can click on the "Load Saved Design" button and load the design you like and then complete the order form. If using a different computer, you will not be able to use the "Load Saved Design" but can use the links you previously emailed yourself using the SHARE button.

How-to order multiple suits with the same design

If you need to order multiple suits with the same design but with different measures, you can use our “SAVE THIS DESIGN” feature to save time. Here is how:
1. Create your design and customize the options to your liking.
2. Once this is done, click on “SAVE THIS DESIGN” located just under the live suit drawing on the order form.
3. Keep on going and enter the measurements for the first person, finalize your order and press "Add to Cart".
4. Once the first suit is in the cart, go back to the design page and click on the "Load Saved Design" button. This will load your design, so you dont have to re-design the suit for each person.
5. You can now keep on going and repeat steps 3 and 4 for each suits!

Redeeming a certificate

At check out, enter your certificate code in the appropriate space. Your discount will be applied automatically. Unless stated otherwise, all our certificates have the same terms: 1. Each certificate is valid for the purchase of 1 new suit only. 2. Only one certificate can be redeemed per suit. Discounts cannot be combined. 3. Multiple certificates can be redeemed by the same person, but only 1 certificate can be applied for each single suit order. 4. Discount is applicable on the base price of a suit. It does not apply on options, custom embroideries, custom designs, rush fee, shipping and handling or taxes.

Making changes to your order

We accept changes to orders as long as we have not started the production. If you need to make some changes and there is still time, please email us with your requested changes. Take note that if your suit has been already moved to production, there will be extra fees to make changes. Fees depend on the changes and where the suit is in production. Changes are not confirmed until we send you an email confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 day, please follow up with us. We do not accept changes made over the phone as this is prone to confusion and increases the margin for errors on your order.