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Comfort, durability, and customer service are why I choose Vertical Suits. Whether you're flying in the tunnel or in the sky, Vertical Suits are built strong and will stand up to the test while helping maximize performance.

I love that I get to share the sport of skydiving and tunnel flying with people every day!

I made my first skydive April 4, 2009. The following month, I flew in iFLY Orlando for the first time and had a blast! After completing my service in the US Army in 2013, I started working in the sport full time as a Videographer, Tandem, and AFF Instructor. In January 2015, I received a job offer from iFLY and moved to Texas to start training. Currently, I am a trainer at iFly Atlanta and coach full-time. I enjoy all disciplines of flying, but Dynamic is my passion. When I’m not flying indoors, I’m at the drop zone with friends enjoying the freedom of the sky.
IBA T2 Trainer, Level 4 Instructor
USPA D-32861, Coach, AFF-I, TI

Harrel's Records

Home Drop Zone: Music City Skydiving, TN
Number of Jumps: 1700+
Hours in Tunnel: 1250+
First Jump in: 2009
Main Discipline: Dynamic

Harrel's Suits


“Speed If you want to go fast, this is the suit for you. No drag, tight fit, and pure bodyflight.


Viper Pro SuitMy everyday suit I use to comfortably coach any range of student while still providing the performance I look for.


Viper Swoop Shorts For long, hot days at the drop zone these swoop shorts are perfect. Built to last whether you're fun jumping, throwing drogues, or sliding in a swoop.