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Vertical suit is built on family values and excellent customer service. Their product fit my curvy Brazilian body and their product lasts long. They are a well-established company in a very competitive market and they have been a huge support of indoor skydiving.


I am a district manager for iFLY and also a life coach. I embrace challenges and love flying VFS in the tunnel. I am known for my #ellefies and I love flying with my friends! Flying has helped me push through many boundaries in life and be true to myself while living a very happy life. I am a huge supporter of Sisters In Skydiving and I love putting together Tunnel Retreats designed for girls to learn and mentor each other in the sport. I love deep meaningful conversations with a great glass of wine. #lifecoachelle

Elle's Records

Home Drop Zone: I travel a lot for work so it depends where I am. My favorite Dropzones are Eloy-AZ and Davis –CA.
Number of Jumps: 500+
Hours in Tunnel: 50+
First Jump in: 2009
Main Discipline: Freefly

Elle's Suit


Tunnel Pro SuitThe design gives you the proper articulation where you need the most when flying and it fits really well. The tunnel pro made with Cordura 160 makes flying in the tunnel much smoother in all moves. Especially for me while I am learning during those long hours at the tunnel.


Viper Shortie Suit With the hot weather, this is the perfect suit to jump in the sky. I don't have to worry about my shirt not being tucked in and covering my handles.