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Why represent Vertical Suits? Simple – it’s a great product!  The suits are strong enough to withstand the torture freeflying puts on them, yet they’re still comfortable and fashionable.


I am a freefly coach and organizer at Skydive Sebastian since 2006. I am a freefly world and state record holder. When I am not skydiving, you will find me wakeboarding, kite surfing, snowboarding and playing with my crazy boxers puppies. Fun Fact: I actually am a rocket scientist :-)

Danielle's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Sebastian
Number of Jumps: 2000+
First Jump in: 1998
Main Discipline: Freefly

Danielle's Suits


Love, love, love my Vipers!!!  What I like most is all the complements I get and how jealous all the other jumpers are of my super awesome shorty!