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At first I was blown away by the build quality of their suits, then I had the privilege of being the first dealer or sponsored athlete to have ever visited the factory in Vancouver. I was then humbled and blown away by Vlady and Sandra, learned so much about them and their business; it's history and it's future plans. I wouldn't want to be part of any other company, I feel a part of something great and thats what I love about Vertical suits

Own the tunnel - Rule the sky

Mike McNulty is a full time skydiving instructor in the UK with the BPA and has worked full time as a wind tunnel instructor for Airkix. He now uses his many years in the sport as a freelance coach and instructor in the tunnel and skies, along side being a dedicated dealer for vertical suits in the UK. Mike also, in the winter of 2014 actually visited the Vertical Suits factory as part of his round the world trip, for a tour and in house training with Vlady.

Mike's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Hibaldstow, UK
Number of Jumps: 4000+
Hours in Tunnel: 2000+
First Jump in: 2007
Main Discipline: AFF, CSI, FS, Freefly, Dynamic

Mike's Suits


Raptor SuitThe suit is as comfortable and hard wearing as I'd ever want a suit, I'll be ordering many more suits in the future from the world's best suit manufacturer.