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Vertical makes suits that hold up, fit properly, fly great and look great. They have a great team that I am proud to be a part of.

Arizona Airspeed member who still loves to freefly!

Before recently joining Arizona Airspeed, I spent a lot of time competing and winning medals in several freefly disciplines: VFS, MFS and dynamic. I learned to freefly in the Orlando tunnel in 2003 so I have been around to see the huge progression of freeflying over the years. I'm proud to have helped out with creating the current 2way VFS tunnel competition format and 2way MFS.

Even though I now spend most of my time on my belly, I still love to freefly whether it's coaching, competing or just fun jumping. I've always just enjoyed flying my body as opposed to trying to pick a single discipline. I feel lucky that I get to do so much of it!

Ari's Records

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Arizona
Number of Jumps: 5000+
Hours in Tunnel: 2000+
First Jump in: 2002
Main Discipline: 4way FS

Ari's Suit


Tunnel Pro SuitI chose the Tunnel Pro because it holds up to a lot of flying in both the tunnel and the sky and allow me to fly my body the way I want. This suit gives me the power I want for both VFS and dynamic without ever getting in the way. The build in knee pads give me some protection for when I'm coaching on the net or inevitably hit a wall (or a person!) I've put a lot of tunnel time and skydives on my suit and it still looks new.